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Introducing VEG+BLOOM VBX: Your Premium Solution for Maximizing Plant Growth under LED Lighting

Are you ready to take your plant growth to new heights? Look no further than VEG+BLOOM VBX, a cutting-edge nutrient blend crafted by industry pioneers, Hydroponic Research. Specially formulated to unleash your plants' full potential when cultivated under LED lights, VBX is the ultimate 2-in-1 solution, delivering both NPK nutrients and top-quality probiotics.

What Makes VBX Stand Out?

VBX represents a groundbreaking advancement in the world of plant nutrition. It's the first-ever dual-action, soluble plant food and probiotic product. This innovative blend simplifies your feeding regimen and has undergone extensive testing in commercial settings. Users have consistently reported outstanding results when pairing VBX with STAX and SHINE.

The Benefits of VBX

  • Highly Soluble: VBX dissolves effortlessly, ensuring your plants receive the nutrition they need promptly.
  • Tailored for LED Growth: This formula is specifically designed for plants thriving under LED lighting conditions, enhancing their performance and vitality.
  • Dual Action: VBX is not just a nutrient; it's also a potent probiotic. The inclusion of beneficial microbes supports plant health, promotes nutrient absorption, and fortifies plants against pathogens.
  • Streamlined Nutrient Uptake: With VBX, your plants can access nutrients more efficiently, leading to robust, thriving growth.
  • Pathogen Resistance: The probiotics in VBX provide an added layer of protection, making your plants more resilient against harmful pathogens.
  • Simplicity in Feeding: VBX is a one-part nutrient, making it incredibly user-friendly. Say goodbye to complex feeding routines.

How to Use VBX:

For optimal results, we recommend following the manufacturer's feeding charts. VBX pairs seamlessly with SHINE, PUSH, and STAX, making it a versatile addition to your plant care routine.

Elevate your plant cultivation with VEG+BLOOM VBX, the premium nutrient blend that's redefining what's possible under LED lighting. Unleash your plants' potential and experience consistently exceptional results.