VEG+BLOOM STAX (Stackswell)
VEG+BLOOM STAX (Stackswell)
VEG+BLOOM STAX (Stackswell)
VEG+BLOOM STAX (Stackswell)

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VEG+BLOOM STAX (Stackswell)

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Introducing STAX by Hydroponic Research: Elevate Your Growth Potential with Premium Calcium and Magnesium Powder

Achieve superior growth and safeguard your final yield by incorporating STAX into your feed schedule. This top-quality growth powder, rich in essential calcium and magnesium, is your key to unlocking maximum growth potential while mitigating the risk of nutrient deficiencies that could compromise your harvest. STAX also promotes the production of new shoots and encourages robust root development.

Key Features:

  • Premium Calcium and Magnesium: STAX is meticulously formulated to deliver top-tier calcium and magnesium, essential nutrients for healthy plant growth. It is your assurance against deficiencies that can harm your crop's yield.
  • Enhanced Shoot Production: STAX fosters increased shoot production, supporting a lush and vigorous canopy.
  • Stimulated Root Development: This growth powder stimulates root development, strengthening your plants and enhancing their nutrient uptake.
  • Premium Ingredient Selection: We use only food and pharmaceutical-grade components in the manufacturing process of STAX. Each batch is rigorously tested to maintain maximum consistency and purity, ensuring that VEG+BLOOM products consistently produce outstanding results.

Optimising Your Results:

To achieve optimal results, we recommend adhering to the manufacturer's feeding charts. STAX is compatible with other VEG+BLOOM products like VEG+BLOOM and SHINE, providing a comprehensive solution for your plants' nutritional requirements.

Whether you're cultivating in coco or hydroponic systems, STAX offers versatility and simplicity. This powdered nutrient ensures a high concentration of essential nutrients, optimising your plants' growth without the complexities of multi-part nutrient systems.

Elevate your growth journey with STAX from Hydroponic Research, the premium calcium and magnesium powder that consistently delivers outstanding results, ensuring your plants reach their full growth potential with every application.