Veg+Bloom - Shine Additive
Veg+Bloom - Shine Additive
Veg+Bloom - Shine Additive
Veg+Bloom - Shine Additive
Veg+Bloom - Shine Additive

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Veg+Bloom - Shine Additive

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Discover the Power of SHINE by Hydroponic Research: Elevate Your Blooming Phase

Unveil the secret to achieving top-tier flower quality and weight during the crucial final stages of your growth cycle with SHINE by Hydroponic Research. Crafted as a potent powdered nutrient, SHINE has garnered a reputation for delivering exceptional results when incorporated into your feeding regimen during weeks 3 to 7 of the blooming phase.

Key Features:

  • Premium Quality Ingredients: SHINE is meticulously formulated using only food and pharmaceutical-grade components. Every batch undergoes rigorous testing to ensure maximum consistency and purity, guaranteeing that VEG+BLOOM will consistently yield outstanding results with every use.
  • Tailored for Coco or Hydroponic Systems: SHINE is versatile and suitable for use in both Coco and Hydroponic setups, making it an adaptable choice for various growers.
  • High Concentration Powder: The powdered format of SHINE ensures an impressive concentration of nutrients, optimising your plants' development during the critical blooming phase.
  • Simplicity in Feeding: As a one-part nutrient, SHINE is incredibly user-friendly, eliminating the complexities of multi-part nutrient systems.

How to Get the Best Results with SHINE:

To achieve the best results, we recommend following the feeding charts provided by the manufacturer. SHINE pairs seamlessly with VEG+BLOOM and STACKSWELL, offering a comprehensive solution for your plant's nutritional needs.

Enhance your blooming phase and experience remarkable flower quality and weight with SHINE by Hydroponic Research. Trust in the purity and consistency of our premium powdered nutrient for exceptional results, every time you use it.