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Introducing VEG+BLOOM Dirty: A Groundbreaking One-Part Nutrient for Soil and Peat Systems, Regardless of Water Quality

Step into the future of plant nutrition with VEG+BLOOM Dirty, an innovative one-part nutrient engineered for exceptional performance in soil and peat-based systems, regardless of your water quality.

Key Features:

  • Premium Ingredient Selection: VEG+BLOOM Dirty is meticulously crafted using only the finest food and pharmaceutical-grade components. Each batch undergoes rigorous testing to maintain maximum consistency and purity, ensuring your peace of mind that VEG+BLOOM consistently delivers exceptional results.
  • Versatility in Soil and Peat Systems: Whether you're nurturing your plants in soil or peat-based systems, VEG+BLOOM Dirty offers unmatched adaptability, providing your plants with the essential nutrients they need, irrespective of your chosen medium.
  • High Concentration Powder: The powdered form of VEG+BLOOM Dirty maximises nutrient concentration, optimising plant growth and vitality, making it easier than ever to ensure your plants receive the nutrients they require.
  • User-Friendly One-Part Nutrient: VEG+BLOOM Dirty simplifies your feeding regimen with its one-part nutrient composition, ensuring straightforward and hassle-free use.

Maximising Your Results:

For optimal outcomes, we recommend following the manufacturer's feeding charts. VEG+BLOOM Dirty pairs seamlessly with other VEG+BLOOM products like SHINE and STACKSWELL, offering a comprehensive solution to fulfil your plants' nutritional needs.

Elevate your plant cultivation experience with VEG+BLOOM Dirty, the premium one-part nutrient that consistently delivers remarkable results, ensuring your plants flourish and thrive with every application, regardless of your chosen growing medium or water quality.