Shogun Geisha Foliar

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Shogun Geisha Foliar

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Shogun Geisha Foliar


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Geisha Foliar is a distinctive blend of foliar additives meticulously crafted to boost flowering receptors, amplify crop yields, and optimize weight. Our innovative formula functions in a dual-phase approach, delivering remarkable benefits at both the vegetative and flowering stages of plant growth. 

During the vegetative stage, Geisha Foliar fosters the initiation of more flowering sites, accelerates plant metabolism, and improves water absorption. This sets the stage for a robust foundation that ensures a thriving and bountiful harvest. 

As your plants transition into the flowering period, Geisha Foliar continues to shine. It becomes a reliable partner in supporting the growth of fruits and flowers, while also acting as a secondary messenger to ignite metabolic pathways within your plants. The result is a spectrum of enhancements in yield and quality, all aimed at maximizing the potential of your crop. Elevate your harvest with Geisha Foliar, and experience the difference.