Shogun CalMag
Shogun CalMag
Shogun CalMag
Shogun CalMag

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Shogun CalMag

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Shogun CalMag


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Discover the often underestimated secret to maximizing your plant's potential with SHOGUN CalMag. This remarkable supplement is a game-changer for your feeding regimen, offering substantial benefits. By enhancing nutrient absorption and nutrient transport within your plants, SHOGUN CalMag significantly elevates their ability to efficiently utilize essential nutrients, optimizing their overall health and performance. Elevate your gardening success with this essential addition to your plant care routine.

Key Benefits:

  1. Premium Calcium and Magnesium Source: Our carefully refined formula provides your plants with the ideal blend of calcium and magnesium, ensuring they receive the essential nutrients they crave.
  2. Iron-Infused Excellence: SHOGUN CalMag doesn't stop at just calcium and magnesium. It's also enriched with iron, addressing yet another often overlooked micronutrient deficiency in plants.
  3. Nutrient Translocation: This advanced solution enhances the efficient movement of nutrients within your plants, allowing them to make the most of essential elements.
  4. Balancing Act: Achieve a harmonious nutrient solution that boosts potassium and phosphorous absorption and utilization, setting the stage for vibrant and thriving plants.
  5. Powering Plant Functions: SHOGUN CalMag acts as a catalyst for various crucial plant processes, including the synthesis of chlorophyll, essential for robust growth and photosynthesis.