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Guard'n'Aid PestOFF Plus natural fumigators

£14.80 GBP

Permethrin based smoke generators for use in controlling crawling and flying insects in difficult to reach places, grow rooms, empty glasshouses.

Please note: Guard'n'Aid PestOFF Plus Fumers are specifically for fumigating vacated areas and are not for treating plants. The room must be vacated for 4 hours after the treatment. ADVICE SHEET INCLUDED (contains Permethrin Synthetic Pyrethroid Insecticide).

PestOFF Plus Mini Fumer- contains 2 x 3.5 g smoke generators
PestOFF Plus Midi Fumer- contains 1 x 15 g smoke generator
PestOFF Plus Maxi Fumer- contains 1 x 31 g smoke generator

Note: Maxi Fumer is for professional use only