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GAS AirOzone Ozone Generator

£498.00 GBP

AirOzone ozone generators effectively remove odours from your grow room environment. Eliminating all odours from the air in your ventilation system before it leaves your ducting. When used in line with a carbon filter this adds another layer of security preventing you from releasing unwanted odours out of your duct work.

These generators have been developed for grow room environments to maintain high levels of Ozone while matching the size and airflow through your ductwork. We have taken the guesswork out of Ozone generators. Working with our specifications you’ll not exceed the maximum airflow through the AirOzone generator. 

 AirOzone (mm)   Max airflows Ozone plates Power consumption
150mm 600 m3/hr 1 plate 10W
200mm 1200 m3/hr 2 plates 20W
250mm 1800 m3/hr 3 plates 30W
315mm 3000 m3/hr 5 plates 50W