CANNA Aqua Vega A&B - National Hydroponics
CANNA Aqua Vega A&B - National Hydroponics
CANNA Aqua Vega A&B - National Hydroponics
CANNA Aqua Vega A&B - National Hydroponics
CANNA Aqua Vega A&B - National Hydroponics
CANNA Aqua Vega A&B - National Hydroponics


CANNA Aqua Vega A&B

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CANNA Aqua Vega A&B


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CANNA Aqua Vega is a fast working nutrient for plants containing all the essential elements for optimal growing. The growing phase is important because during this phase the plants lay the basis for an exuberant bloom and yield. Aqua Vega is used in recirculating systems, such as NFT or ebb and flow systems.

CANNA developed Aqua Vega specially for the vegetative phase of the plant Do not mix A & B concentrate directly; Insoluble combinations will occur which the plant cannot absorb.


  • Aqua Vega is easy to use and dissolves directly. Aqua Vega nutrition contains pH-stabilizers, so there is no need to adjust the pH.
  • Aqua Vega ensures a strong plant with vital growth spurts and excessive root development.
  • Directly absorbable nitrogen compounds, high quality EDDHA iron chelating agents and trace elements guarantee an ideal start for the bloom
  • CANNA Aqua Vega nutrients consist of two parts, an A part and a B part. We separate these parts for a reason. As it happens, if some of the elements in part A and B are thrown together at the same time, they clog together. The plant cannot absorb this. That's why you should first add the A component and then the B component.

  • How to use

  • Shake bottle well before use
  • Fill the nutrient reservoir with water
  • Add Aqua Vega to the nutrient reservoir with the dilution ratio 1:500 (20 ml Aqua Vega A per 10 Litre of water and 20 ml Aqua Vega B per 10 litres of water)
  • Add Aqua Vega A
  • Stir well, then add Aqua Vega B
  • Again, stir well and let mixture stand for some hours
  • The EC of Aqua Vega dissolved in (tap) water varies between 1.1 - 1.9 mS/cm2 (= the solution EC + the water EC)
  • Recommended pH: 5.2 - 6.2 Due to the special composition of this nutrient it is not necessary to adjust the pH levels after setting it initially
  • For use during the growing phase and the first 1-3 weeks of the flowering phase. Switch to Aqua Flores from the moment that flowers start to form. (from 1 to 3 weeks of 12 hours of lighting or if the pH level of the water in circulation starts to drop below 5.0 - 5.2)
  • Renew the nutrition regularly

  • Storage

  • Store closed in a dark and frost-proof place (UV light breaks down iron chelates in the nutrient)
  • Keep out of reach of children