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Buddhas Tree Solar Green Power

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Solar Green Power is an aqueous colloidal dispersion of 10% amorphous silica (SiO 2 ). More precisely it is a colloidal dispersion of silicic acid in water in recent years, the application of Nano-technology has led to the production of colloidal liquid silicon fertiliser with high bio-availability.

This new silicon fertiliser can easily penetrate the leaf and form a thick silicate layer on the leaf surface.

How to use

Solar Green Power can be used for plants grown in any medium and in any type of grow-system. Silica/silicon is generally used all the way through your plants' life cycle, from veg to flower. Stop using it at least one week before harvest, while performing the final flush. Make up your base nutrients, as usual, administer at 0.5ml per litre of nutrient solution.